Meet Mark, the MegaBot built to destroy all other machines

They compete in a fighting-robot league that combines Monster Trucks and Real Steel

Meet Mark. Standing 4.9 metres tall and weighing 12 tonnes, it was built by Gui Cavalcanti and Matt Oehrlein to do one thing: destroy other machines. The two engineers are the founders of MegaBots, a company that plans to stage bouts between piloted death mechs in an international fighting-robot league which promises to be a combination of Monster Trucks and Real Steel.

This iron giant (official name: Mk. III) is a metallic menace. "We're designing robots to be badass and entertaining," says MegaBots CEO and Boston Dynamics alum Cavalcanti. "Oh, and we would like to not die in the robot." The first fight, between Mark and a mech named Kuratas, built by Japan's Suidobashi Heavy Industry, was scheduled to take place in September. Missiles were banned for the bout - just hand-to-hand combat. We're sure it was a smashing success.